the faces behind the camera.




My name is Christa Suppé & I am your first shooter around here.
Jesus is my heart + soul! I aim to honor Him in all that I do & to glorify Him through my work. He is the reason I am the way I am, and I do what I do!

I am married to one amazing man & together we have a wild son who looks just like me, but acts just like him. We also have two crazy dogs who I feel drive me crazy 80% of the time. But I still love them way more than I probably should. My go to each morning is a hot cup of coffee + breakfast with my boys. I cherish these moments.

Photography wasn't always my go-to. It is my passion, but my heart belongs to design as a whole. You wont find me not doing something creative with my hands. If I am not behind the camera at some rad client's wedding, I am behind the camera over at my local Anthropologie, shooting product for their Social Media.

At home, you will find me hanging around in my favorite leggings and probably rearranging my home some how. Interior Design is my not so secret obsession. & I really do want to be friends with Joanna Gaines one day. Can someone give me her contact info!? really though, I am on a mission to make my home a Modern Farmhouse in Suburban Southern California (HAHA!)

Dating my husband is my favorite thing to do outside of work. If I could remarry him every weekend, I would. But...I can't so I capture beautiful moments at other people's wedding instead. 


I'm Ashley Suppé & your second shooter. I believe there are only so many firsts in life so it's important to really cherish them & soak in the moment. I was born, raised & currently live in Southern California. I had the joy of marrying my high school sweetheart & together we have one little girl, Riley. But the fun & craziness doesn't stop there; we also have 2 pups who we adore! 

While I have always loved photography & snapping away, I had a different path in mind when considering a career. A few days a week I work as a dental hygienist & I truly love what I do, despite it not being everyone's happy place. The relationships and trust that I build with my patients is something that can never be taken away; and most become very close friends of mine. 

The ability to build quick friendships is something that I carry into photography. I feel it's important to break down those barriers to really delve into capturing true emotions. My husband can attest to me always having a camera in hand and annoying the heck out of him but you know what? At the end of the day, those are the memories we'll cherish forever & he's gotten over it! 

Every year I try to travel to a country I've never been to before. New cities, new food, new friends. I am forever grateful to my parents for giving me the travel bug when I was little. And guess what? The first thing in my suitcase when packing is... you guessed it. My camera. I adore photography & appreciate the people I meet, the places I visit & the special moments I get to freeze in time.