SPRING MINI SESSIONS | Now Booking / by Sister | House



I have been blown away by my latest instagram post. I announced that my Spring Mini Sessions would be booking, and that all the proceeds would be going to a wonderful cause.

Some of our great friends, Matt & Jessica Adams, have recently opened up about their run with run with infertility. It is a journey that we have been on with them for a while and after hard news, they have decided to pursue adoption.

The thing is, is that adoption is not something they just walked into. They have both have had a heart for adoption since day one. God works in mysterious ways, and with that, we all believe that this Journey that they are on is a straight calling from God. Their hearts for adoption and this infertility journey have meaning. We know it.

Adoption is expensive and we want to help our friends adopt Baby A! So with that, this Spring's Mini Sessions are a straight contribution to helping our friends bring home the baby God has for them. So, I have strategically planned out these sessions so that we can book as much as we can to raise money to contribute to the Adam's Journey. See details below:


  • $175 (minimum)


  • Saturday March 25 | Chino Hills, Ca
  • Saturday April 1 | Claremont, Ca
  • Saturday April 29 | Orange County, Ca
  • Saturday May 6 | Laguna Beach, Ca
  • Saturday May 13 | TBD

We are so excited to jump on board with our friends. As noted above, minimum charge is $175 for the session. However, contributions above and beyond the session charge are welcomed. Again, all proceeds are going to our friends Journey!

If interested, please email/contact us for available time slots.